Fundamentals of Treatment

Fundamentals of Treatment


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▲ function through ▲ healthy behaviors

Relaxation MDD, anxiety, pain, sleep

Deep breathing

Relaxed breathing

Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation


Meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction

Mind-body MDD, anxiety, pain, sleep

Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi

Mind-body therapy

Behavioral activation MDD

Collaboratively planning activities which are pleasing, but also involve relaxation, exercise, or socializing

Behavioral activation worksheet, activity planning

Habit reversal training Trichotillomania, excoriation, tics, compulsions

1) Awareness training

2) Deep breathing

3) Progressive muscle relaxation

4) Competing response

Habit reversal training worksheet


▼ symptoms through ▼ cognitive distortions

Cognitive therapy Mood, anxiety, pain, sleep

Negative thoughts about the self and world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns

Unhelpful thinking styles, simple thought record, CBT thought record

Cognitive refocusing treatment Insomnia

Helps distract individuals from sleep-disturbing thoughts with less disruptive alternative content

Cognitive refocusing

Imagery rehearsal therapy Nightmare

Decreases intensity and frequency of nightmares by rehearsing less upsetting endings for dreams

Imagery rehearsal therapy


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▼ cognitive distortions and ▲ healthy behaviors

Problem-solving treatment MDD

A 7-step skills-building treatment focusing on systematically identifying and solving day-to-day problems

Problem-solving treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy MDD, anxiety, pain, sleep

Stepwise examination of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors followed by tailored behavioral experiments

Belief-driven formulation, CBT daily activity diary, unhelpful thinking styles, ABC belief monitoring, simple thought record, CBT thought record, behavioral experiment

Exposure and response prevention OCD

Systematic exposure to feared stimuli with prevention of ritual behavior—treatment of choice for OCD

OCD diary, OCD hierarchy, fear hierarchy

CBT for insomnia Insomnia

Combination of cognitive and behavioral treatments aimed at learning relaxation, changing sleep habits, and diminishing misconceptions about sleep and insomnia

Relaxed breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, guided visualization, sleep diary, sleep hygiene, checklist for better sleep, CBT thought record

Motivational interviewing Addiction and health behavior

Stepwise collaborative process focusing on the conflicted views of the patient around addiction or behavior change

Stages of change, SMART goals






Exposure therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy

Gratitude journal

Trauma-focused CBT and EMDR


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