Planning a Procedure: The Importance of Visualization

This is a very important practical-intellectual exercise.

Relevance for your daily practice

This exercise is highly relevant! The principles described in this exercise will apply for virtually every procedure that you perform.


The objective of this chapter is to improve your understanding of a surgical procedure. Understanding is essential to perform.


Visualization is the process of creating a mental image of your planned physical action. It is very useful for learning physical exercises (and for what matters surgery is a physical activity).1

You Need

You need paper and pen.

The Exercise

Start by choosing a simple procedure, which you already have performed or which you (in principle) are able to perform. In your mind, you need to go through every detail of the procedure, including preparation of the surgical theater. Write it down. Be as precise as possible.


You are going to perform a ventriculostomy (external drainage). Visualize the following points:

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