A Gentleman with Deteriorating Golf Handicap—Transthyretin Amyloid Polyneuropathy

Figure 32-1 Amyloid depositions (arrows) in endoneurium and vessel walls illustrated by Congo-red stain (top left) showing apple green birefringence under polarized light (top right), H&E stain (bottom left), methylviolet stain (bottom middle), and serum amyloid protein (SAP) immunostain.


TTR amyloidosis is a rare condition that frequently presents with progressive sensory, motor, and autonomic length-dependent peripheral neuropathy. Nerve biopsy and genetic testing aid in the diagnosis. With specific therapeutic options available for this fatal disease, awareness and early diagnosis have become more important, and a recently reported average time from presentation to diagnosis of 4 years in nonfamilial cases cannot be satisfactory.2


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