Mental health legislation

22 Mental health legislation

In the UK there are different legal systems for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, although they have developed in parallel. UK mental health legislation covers more than the compulsory detention of patients, although it is this that is usually concentrated on in descriptions of the Acts. In general, compulsory hospitalization depends not only on a diagnosis of mental disorder within the meaning of the Act in question, but also its necessity for the patient’s health, safety and/or for the protection of others.

Definition of mental disorder

The previous four categories of mental disorder (mental illness, psychopathic disorder, mental impairment and severe mental impairment) are replaced by one: mental disorder. Mental disorder means any disorder or disability of the mind. Exclusions for dependence on alcohol or drugs are retained. If a patient has learning disability, however, this must also be associated with abnormally aggressive or seriously irresponsible conduct if long-term sections are used.

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